VALLENDUSK – Vallendusk

VALLENDUSK - Vallendusk

Origin: Indonesia
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Extreme Progressive Metal Post Metal
Label: Pest Productions
Year: 2012

A very promising new band comes from Jakarta, Indonesia. Vallendusk is a four member group, formed in 2011, playing atmospheric black metal with post and shoegaze elements. Very soon they gained the interest of the Chinese label Pest Productions, who released their debut EP “Vallendusk” in the spring of 2012.

I must admit I was surprised by the sound quality of the band, taking into consideration their uncommon origin and that it’s only their first work. Vallendusk gave me the impression of a very mature and tight band, like as if they were together for many years. There are 3 songs totally in this EP, that lasts for almost 25 minutes. Their music is based on the warm color of their guitars, with amazing riffs and melodic guitars lines; no synths at all. All 3 tracks move in a quite fast tempo for the genre, with only a few acoustic passages. While their music is quite melodic, they use only black metal vocals. Their singer Rizky is very expressive and his furious screams fit perfectly with their music. Personally, I’d like to listen to some calmer vocals too… Unlike many bands of the genre, they avoid boring ambient parts and meaningless repetition “in the name of atmosphere”. I just hope they can keep the same quality of their compositions in their upcoming full-length album. All of their lyrics are in English, but they are not in the cd.

I totally recommend Vallendusk to those who appreciate atmospheric post black metal with an experimental mood. There are also some pagan influences in the music, which I wish the band will explore even more in the future. ”Vallendusk“ is released in a very beautiful digisleeve edition limited to 500 copies. The best way to get it is directly through their label in the link below, where you can also listen to the whole album for free.


Rating:  (8/10)

Vallendusk @ Facebook
Vallendusk @ Pest Productions


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