SOKROVENNO – De Rerum Natura

SOKROVENNO - De Rerum Natura

Origin: Italy
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Bleak Art Records
Year: 2009

Sokrovenno is an Italian pagan black metal band from Como. They are rather unknown, even if they exist since 2005 and their music is actually very good. In 2007 they self released the 3 song demo “Flammantia Moenia Mundi (The Flaming Walls of World)” and 2 years later on August 2009 they released their only full-length album so far “De Rerum Natura (About the Nature of Things)” via Bleak Art Records.

De Rerum Natura” is a very well played and excellent produced example of pagan black metal with a deeper philosophical research behind it. Their founding members Autunno and Maleficus were both interested in classic literature. Epicurus (ancient Greek philosopher – 4th-3rd century BC) and Lucretius (Roman poet and philosopher – 1st century BC, who’s only known work is the poem “De Rerum Natura” about the beliefs of Epicureanism) are their basic influences! All their lyrics are in Latin, some of them taken from Lucretius, while all song titles are translated into Greek. Coming to the music now, Sokrovenno, try to make their own sound, based on already “successful recipes” of great bands of the genre. They don’t offer something new, but they compose very good songs and they have a very clear and tight sound, ideal for the genre. Mid tempo black metal, with a strong rhythmic base of melodic riffs and solid drumming, is mixed with acoustic guitars and expressive screaming vocals. They only use brutal vocals, no clean vocals at all and no synths; all their melodies are based on their wonderful riffing, with only a few parts of lead melodic guitars! I would say that it is a “calm” pagan black metal album, without any extremities, or faster aggressive parts. There are totally 11 songs in the album (4 of them are short acoustic interludes) and it lasts for almost 52 minutes. By the way, all 3 songs of the demo are included, I suppose in new versions.  There are also some more epic doom moments in the album, but the overall atmosphere is closer to pagan nature-inspired black metal. Their philosophical lyrics deal with humanity’s loss of acknowledgement, respect and appreciation for the great forces of nature…

This album is already 3 years old, but since Sokrovenno haven’t released anything since then, it’s actually their new album. Anyway “De Rerum Natura” is recommended to fans of pagan black metal who prefer their music focused on the “core” of this genre, without any “experimentation”. It is released by the Canadian label Bleak Art Records and if you are interested to buy it, the best way is through their labels web-store. It comes in standard jewel case edition with 8-page booklet, including all their lyrics. In their myspace page you can listen to their music, but I can’t find many news about the band’s current state, or any upcoming works…


Rating:  (8/10)

Sokrovenno @ Myspace
Sokrovenno @ Bleak Art Records


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