VITER – Springtime

VITER - Springtime

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Metalism Records
Year: 2012

Viter is a new Ukrainian band, formed just in 2010, but they are very active! Their founding member Yulian Mytsyk (aka Viterzgir, ex-Kroda) is also making musical instruments from a poisonous plant called ‘hogweed’ that the band uses in its music. In 2010 Viter released the amazing EP “Dzherelo“, a folk oriented ambient / metal album and in 2011 the split “Diva Ruzha” with Kings & Beggars, having a more folk metal approach. In 2012 they decided to release their debut full-length album “Springtime” via their new label Metalism Records. Before the “physical” release of the cd, they started publishing one or two tracks as Internet-singles each week (beginning on June), all with their conceptual cover art!

Springtime” is a hard to categorize album and I find it very different than what Viter had offered so far. The band itself uses the term folk’n'dustrial, which is quite accurate by the way. The basis of their music is folk metal, enriched with elements of electronic music and industrial noise. Metal riffs, traditional Ukrainian instruments, alternative rock and synthesized electronic sounds are mixed in various “proportions”. All their six members seem very skilled musicians and they managed to balance all these elements in a very tight result. There are influences from bands like In Extremo or Rammstein, but their Ukrainian ethno folk elements make them sound quite different and very original. They use only clean male vocals, singing either in the typical folk metal style, or with softer more melodic vocals. There are ten songs in the album, each one totally different from the other, but all of them fit perfectly with the overall atmosphere of their music. Each time I listen to the album I get more into it, but still it’s far from my personal musical preferences Smilie: :) Anyway, the beauty of their folk elements is unique (like in Kroda), so I can’t complaint. The album lasts for 45 minutes and you can find many good moments in it; nice melodic parts, uplifting rhythmic parts, more expressive almost “theatrical” parts, wonderful folk tunes  and an overall positive “energy”. All of their lyrics are in English, while the band has already released the official video for the song “For the Fire“.

Viter reveal a new modern face with “Springtime“. Industrialized folk rock metal with very good production, kick-ass sound and a very personal approach to the genre, that fans of folk metal should definitely check. “Springtime” is released by Metalism Records in standard jewel-case format and in A5 digipak version, limited to 100 copies. There is also a very limited amount of exclusive handmade Ukrainian traditional dolls (motanka) handcrafted according to the original design of the album cover. Follow the links to their official pages below to get a taste of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Viter @ Myspace
Viter @ Facebook


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