HERO’S FATE – Human Tides: Black Light Inception

HERO'S FATE - Human Tides Black Light Inception

Origin: Germany
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

After two mini EPs, “Avenging the Lost” in 2009 and “Among Red Leaves” in 2011, the time has come for Hero’s Fate to release their first full-length album, entitled “Human Tides: Black Light Inception“. Hero’s Fate is a relatively new band from Germany, and they play mid-tempo melodic death metal. And the truth is: they do it very well. All of the 12 songs of the album are full of warm melodies and catchy mid-tempo guitar riffs. They also use acoustic guitars and keyboards (mainly strings), to give the album the great atmosphere it deserves. There are also 2 instrumental songs, the first of them opening the album, serving as “the calm before the storm” track, and the other one is the 5th track, entitled “Dead Waters“, where the band help us travel in dark watery places, as we can listen to beautiful violin-like keyboards and acoustic guitars, along with the sound of waters.

Overall, the album has a very good quality and is an excellent choice for all melodic death metal fans out there. The sound production is also very good, although I would personally prefer the acoustic guitars to be a little lower in volume. Other than that, you find it hard to believe that this album is self-released by the band. The cover artwork is also excellent, summoning the listener to enter a dark world and follow the fate of a hero. In conclusion, “Human Tides: Black Light Inception” is a very promising beginning for the band! Recommended!


Rating:  (8/10)

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