LORD AGHEROS reveal new album artwork and tracklist


Lord Agheros is back with its the most incredible, complex and amazing release so far. “Demiurgo” is the 4th full-length album of this Sicilian one-man band with Greek roots. With its two indivisible souls, “Demiurgo” is a wonderful atmospheric piece of music that fits in well with these dark times. Musically it balances perfectly between obscure and extreme black metal and atmospheric and ambient parts, representing in sounds the real essence of this decadent era. With the strength of the sound of Summoning, with the film score influences of Ulver, through classical music and theatrical opera elements, Lord Agheros, as a modern Demiurgo (creator in Greek), succeed to mold a colossal atmospheric extreme metal soundtrack. The album will be released in deluxe digipak edition on November 26th, 2012 via My Kingdom Music.


- Chapter I
1. Prologue
2. Eris
3. Styx                             
4. Thanatos
5. Moros
6. Nemesi
7. Lyssa
8. Letum
9. Erebo

- Chapter II
10. Nyx
11. Oizys
12. Emera
13. Geras
14. Lysimele
15. Ker
16. Apate
17. Etere

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