BUTTERFLY TEMPLE new album release date announced


Legendary Russian pagan metal group Butterfly Temple signed a contract with Mazzar Records in order to release their new album, the first with their new singer Alexander “Ratiyar” Bulanov! The 8th full-length work of Butterfly Temple, entitled “Дыхание” (Breath), was recorded at KIV Records Studio, Moscow, between May – October 2012. It will be released in a deluxe digibook format, including a 24-page booklet on October 29 2012. All fans of the band will be able to purchase an exclusive edition of ”Дыхание” at the presentation of the new album, which will take place on October 27 at a concert in the Moscow club “Relax”.

1. Перед закатом
2. Последнее дыхание
3. Облаком туман                    
4. Шаг за порог
5. Степная кобылица
6. Светлая
7. Двенадцать созвездий
8. Унеси меня, теченье
9. Огонь сознания
10. Мор
11. Смерть дана одна на всех



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