JARUN – Wziemiozstąpienie

JARUN - Wziemiozstapienie

Origin: Poland
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Jarun is a new pagan black metal band from Nowy Sącz, Krakow in Poland. They begun in 2007 as an one man band by Zagreus (their guitarist), but in 2010 they got a full-line up. Without releasing any demo or promo before, the band offers us its self-released full-length album “Wziemiozstąpienie“, a very promising debut.

I see their music described as progressive, alternative, folk black metal. What I listen in “Wziemiozstąpienie” is excellent pagan black metal with a few folk and progressive elements. Jarun have done an amazing work with their guitars that totally dominate their compositions. They have a perfectly clear sound and a surprisingly powerful production. They seem to pay a lot of attention to their sound quality and the result certainly justifies them. Their metal orchestrations are enriched with many acoustic guitars; I think they use them instead of other folk instruments and they are very good at it. So without any synths or other traditional acoustic instruments, they manage to build a very solid and “full” sound. They move in mid tempo rhythms, with many faster parts and slower atmospheric or acoustic passages. Great guitar solos, progressive touches in their sound and expressive aggressive black metal vocals complete the puzzle of Jarun’s music. There are 8 songs totally, lasting a little less than 38 minutes, while all their lyrics are in Polish.

Despite the various influences and several differences between each song, “Wziemiozstąpienie” is for sure a very solid debut album. Jarun is an interesting band with strong identity and personal sound. I’m already looking forward for their next steps to find out if they are capable of making something really distinctive, since they seem to have balanced all their influences in their own sound. ”Wziemiozstąpienie” is self released in a beautiful digipak edition and it comes in a very reasonable price, so if you are interested in a different approach to pagan black metal, you better visit their official pages below and get a taste of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Jarun @ Facebook
Jarun @ Myspace


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