BLODARV reveal artwork and other details on upcoming album “Gâst”


With a release date set for early December 2012, Blodarv have today revealed the tracklist and artwork for “Gâst“, the fourth full-length album from the veteran Danish black metallers. The eight-track album will be released in two versions on Self Mutilation Services: regular CD format and a limited edition in A5 format, which will feature different artwork. Both versions come with a 16 page booklet which includes lyrics. Limited edition merchandise will also be available to mark the release. All artwork for “Gâst” is done by the Blasphemer and Blodarv founder and frontman Hugin. The recording, mixing and engineering were all done by Hugin at his HammerArt and Studios, where the artwork was also produced and which is located on the frontman’s home island of Bornholm. “Surrounded By Dust” a track from “Gâst“, together with tracks spanning Blodarv’s last 14-year career can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud player.

1. Indelukket
2. A Snowy Night In November       
3. I Blaek Og Blod
4. Korset Paa Baalet
5. The Heart Of Art
6. Lonely Journey
7. Surrounded By Dust
8. Into The Halls Of Orion

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Blodarv @ Myspace
Blodarv @ SoundCloud



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