DRAGOBRATH – WhisperHerbs

DRAGOBRATH - WhisperHerbs

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Eastside Records Murderous Productions
Year: 2011

Dragobrath was one of the many bands (Kroda, Capitollium, Leadhaze, among others) where Yulian Mytsyk (aka Viterzgir) participated, before he fully devotes himself to Viter. Actually Dragobrath was one of his solo-projects, since he only used some guest musicians in their albums, mostly in the vocals. This band was formed in 2004 and took its name from a mountain area in the Carpathians. Yulian used the nickname Synevir for Dragobrath and he released 3 full-length albums before “WhisperHerbs” in 2011, which is the last of the band as he stated.

While the first two works of Dragobrath had a more pure black metal feeling, their previous album “Fra Myrer Taake…” had a much more pagan folk approach. The new work continues where the last one ended, adding even more pagan folk metal elements in their music. As always Synevir performs all music, but this time he also sings everything. The only guest musician is Anna Vasylchenko on violin. The album includes 6 long songs and lasts for almost 54 minutes, moving most of the time in melancholic mid-tempo rhythm, with some faster parts and some atmospheric / acoustic folk passages. Of course the traditional instruments and the beautiful violins are also combined with the pagan black metal parts in a very balanced sound. This time compositions pay more attention to melody instead of aggression; don’t expect though to listen to catchy refrains, etc. Vocals are mainly black metal screams, with a few clean parts, but I’d say that the album gives the impression of an instrumental work. “WhisperHerbs” has a great sound and a very good production, while lyrically it’s another ode to mother nature.

This is probably the last time we will listen Yulian’s unique folk aesthetic combined with black metal, but at least he leaves with the proper “farewell”. I recommend “WhisperHerbs” to all fans of folk pagan black metal. This album is a great chance to introduce yourself to this wonderful Ukrainian band. You can visit the links below to listen on your own. The album was released as a cooperation between Eastside Records and Murderous Productions. It comes in jewel case edition with an 8-page booklet, while all artwork and nature photography are by Synevir himself.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Dragobrath @ Myspace


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