NÚMENOR reveal info about their debut album

NUMENOR - Colossal Darkness

Serbian epic symphonic black metallers Númenor are ready to release their debut full-length album “Colossal Darkness“. Everything is finished and the band is setting the last details with their future label. If everything goes as planned it will be released at the fall of 2012. Númenor was formed in 2009 as a long-time idea by Despot Marko Miranović, who is also founder and editor of Metal Sound Magazine, TV & Radio Show. After a split release with Forlorn Wisp in 2009, the band gradually got a full line-up and in 2011 released two EPs, “Opus Draconis” and “The Forgotten Legends“. Now the time for their first album has come…

1. Opus Draconis
2. The Eternal Champion
3. The Hour of the Dragon                                  
4. The Alchemist
5. Chronomancer
6. Servants of Sorcery
7. While the Gods Laugh
8. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate

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