SIEGHETNAR will re-release “Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit” with vocals

SIEGHETNAR - Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit²

German ambient black metal band Sieghetnar has signed a contract with Kristallblut Records in order to release “Die Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit²“. It is actually their limited to 50 copies demo “Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit” from 2009 with remastered sound and added vocals. This Album will take the listener to a deep journey into the dark place of the soul. It begins very pleasantly and “friendly”, but gradually it becomes more and more depressive. For fans of Xasthur, Shining, Veil and old Burzum. It will be released in a digipak edition in the beginning of 2013.

1. Die Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit²



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