HETMAN – Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє

HETMAN - Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Sublimity Records
Year: 2012

Гетьман (Hetman) is the personal project of Cerberus from Kherson, Ukraine. He is also vocalist and bassist on black death metal band Demonium. He started Гетьман on 2006, when he actually composed the debut album “Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє“. He never released the album back then and for the next 3 years the band was on hiatus. On 2010 he decided to resurrect the band and luckily the Russian label Sublimity Records (Metalism Records sub-label) showed interest in the project. In 2012 a re-recorded version of “Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє” was released on CD, but in a very limited press of 100 copies (like all releases of this label).

Their music belongs in the general genre of pagan black metal and is not of very extreme nature. The sound is closer to the underground scene and it’s very satisfying, especially for a debut album. Compositions are based mostly on guitars and there is a little “help” of keyboards in the background and some acoustic atmospheric passages. Their songs move in a slow to mid tempo rhythm and their mood is close to doom metal; there are some faster outbreaks too. Except for the typical pagan black metal screaming vocals, Cerberus also sings in an unusual style of clean vocals, something between epic pagan and power metal vocals! Even if they sound a bit strange at first, finally this is what I like more in this album and I believe it is the band’s trademark. They add a very emotional melancholic touch in their music, carrying out the more “catchy” melodies of the compositions. There are 6 songs on “Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє” that lasts for almost 42 minutes. All lyrics are in their native language, based on classical literature and mostly on Ukrainian writers. My favorite song is the last one, the melancholic acoustic epic ballad “Думка“.

Overall it is a very good album that fans of pagan black metal will probably appreciate (maybe doom metal fans too). Гетьман are already composing their second album and I hope it won’t take them that much time! ”Вітер з Γаєм Ρозмовляє” is released by Sublimity Records in a standard jewel case edition, including a 12-page booklet with nice artwork and all the lyrics. You can listen to their music in the official links below, but you must hurry up if you need a “physical” CD, since only 100 numbered copies are printed.


Rating:  (8/10)

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Hetman @ Myspace
Hetman @ VK
Hetman @ Sublimity


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