KAWIR – Ισόθεος

KAWIR - Isotheos

Origin: Greece
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Deathrune Records
Year: 2012

It has been already 4 years since Kawir’s previous full-length album “Ophiolatreia“. In the meantime the band has been quite busy, releasing the EP “To Uranus“, the live DVD “Athenian Echoes Over Paris” and a split EP with Scythian. Finally the cult ancient Hellenic pagan black metallers return with their new masterpiece “Ισόθεος – Godlike” released via German label Deathrune Records. The band has a new “international” line up now, consisting of their founding member Therthonax (guitars, kanonaki), Phaesphoros from Serbia (vocals, guitars, wind instruments) and Ormenos from Switzerland (drums). Even if only Therthonax is from Greece, they still have this ancient Hellenic aesthetic in their music and Phaesphoros sings perfectly in ancient Greek language!

Ισόθεος” contains 8 songs and lasts for 55 minutes. I think it is somehow slower than its predecessors and the band has more folk elements than ever! The albums begins with “Δαίμονος – Daemon“, one of the faster and more aggressive songs of the album. Once again their music is based on melodic guitar riffs, flirting more with pagan epic metal than with black metal. The screaming black metal vocals in the ancient Greek language are surprisingly good and Phaesphoros is for sure one of the best singers the band ever had! The second song “Ύμνος στους Ανέμους – Hymn to Einds” moves exactly in the same style. Melodic pagan metal with black metal vocals and excellent guitars, free of synths. The 3rd song “Εις Δήμητρα – To Demeter” begins as a typical Kawir song, but soon the beautiful melody of flute adds a very interesting folk touch in their music, without altering the band’s character.

The next song “Ύμνος στον Απόλλωνα – Hymn to Apollo” is almost 10 minutes long and is the slower track in the album. Flutes are here again and this time the band uses only clean male vocals, like chants with influences from Byzantine music… There is also a mystical acoustic atmospheric passage in the middle of the song, which finally ends with a beautiful instrumental folk pagan metal outro. The fifth song “Χαίρε Βάκχε – Hail Bacchus” combines black metal screams with clean male vocals, sounding this time like a spoken hymn or rite. For the first time they also add female vocals, by Niki. The next track “Άδης (Εις Άρχων Νεκύων) – Hades” starts with acoustic guitars followed by a short intro with distorted guitars and flutes, before the main song begins. It is the darkest and most melancholic composition of the album, with wonderful screaming vocals and choirs in the background. Then comes the song “Ισόθεος – Godlike“, the only one with lyrics in English. It is quite different from the other songs and the influences of the new members are more dominant. It has an almost depressive black metal approach and Phaesphoros vocals sound more aggressive in English. The final song “Πανσπερμία – Panspermia” is an instrumental composition with melodic pagan metal guitars and flutes, serving as an outro to the album. The majority of the lyrics are extracts from Orphic Hymns, so their thematology is more than obvious.

Overall “Ισόθεος” is an excellent example of ancient Hellenic pagan metal. It is the most melodic and as a result the less extreme work of the band, but also the most atmospheric. Of course they still retain this unique feeling and the characteristic Kawir sound. Deathrune Records released the album in standard jewel case edition with a 12-page booklet, including all their lyrics. In their official profiles below you can get a taste of their new work.


Rating:  (9/10)

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