BEER BEAR – За Незримой Чертой

BEER BEAR - Beyond the Invisible Line

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Pagan Metal
Label: SoundAge Productions
Year: 2012

Russian folk metallers Beer Bear return with their second album “За Незримой Чертой (Beyond the Invisible Line)“. The band started in the beginning of 2008 under the name Nordheim, playing pagan metal. Very soon they decided to add folk and punk elements in their sound and the bear concept in their lyrics, so they changed their name to Beer Bear! They released a demo in 2009 and in the end of 2010 their first full-length album “Мёд (Honey)” was out via SoundAge Productions. Two years later, in the end of October 2012, Beer Bear offer us their new work, released again by SoundAge.

As you can easily guess by the band’s name and lyrical thematology, their music belongs in the more cheerful “happy” side of folk metal genre. Compared to their debut album, where everything was more “raw” and amateur, the band has gone many steps forward! Except for the much better sound quality and production, their compositions are now more mature, making their music really enjoyable. I would only like a more powerful and natural sound in the guitars… The album consists of 9 songs plus 2 bonus tracks (Ensiferum and Korpiklaani covers) and it lasts for more than 62 minutes. The band has reduced the extreme metal vocals and their new album is of a much more melodic nature. Typical metal instruments are accompanied by synths, fiddles and viola, while many guest musicians enrich Beer Bear’s sound with bagpipes, accordion, bandura, hurdy-gurdy, flutes and balalaika. Most of the time they sing in clean male folk style, combined with beautiful female vocals and a few pagan metal screams, most dominant in the 7th song “Хельгер Данске“, with the guest appearance of Butterfly Temple’s new singer Alexander Bulanov. All of their compositions are very interesting, with wonderful melodies, some of which can stick in your mind. The band changes its rhythm very often; there are the typical folk parts, many acoustic passages, some faster “blackened” outbursts, some more melancholic parts, while there are also a few covers of familiar melodies from existing traditional songs. They manage to combine all these elements in a very solid and melodic result and they start to build their personal sound. All their lyrics are in Russian, dealing with pagan, fantasy themes and bear tales!

Beer Bear have released a beautiful album that most fans of Slavin folk metal will appreciate, especially those who prefer the more melodic works of the genre. “За Незримой Чертой” is released by SoundAge Production in a deluxe 3-panel digipak with  16-page booklet including all their lyrics. The wonderful illustration is once again by the talented Romanian artist Laura Sava. You can follow the links below to discover their enchanting music!


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Beer Bear @ Facebook
Beer Bear @ VK


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