FOLKENTROLL – Jester of Chaos

FOLKENTROLL - Jester of Chaos

Origin: Italy
Genre: Folk Death Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

FolkenTroll is a new folk metal band from Lecce, Italy. They were born in 2009 by Marco Carangelo (guitars) and Luca de Marco (bass). They soon completed their line-up and started composing their own songs, covering Korpiklaani songs and participating in many gigs. They soon decided to release their debut EP, choosing their best songs so far. So in 2011 they entered the studio as a six-piece band and released the mini CD “Jester of Chaos“.

The band plays folk metal with brutal death metal vocals and a happy mood. They prefer to create a funny festival atmosphere and they are very good at it. There are only 5 songs in this EP, with a total duration of almost 25 minutes, but they are more than enough to reveal the band’s personal style. Metal instruments and especially guitar riffs have a rhythmic role, while their synths play the most melodic parts and all the folk instruments. Sometimes though it’s the guitars that take the lead and the band doesn’t hesitate to add some technical solos in its songs. Their vocals are mostly in the brutal side, but they also use clean male vocals and some choral refrains. Their production though needs improvement and I believe this EP must be seen more as a demo than a debut album. The sound is not bad, since you can listen everything very well, but a better and more powerful production would have raised the quality of their music much more! Also the addition of some real folk instruments seems more than necessary (especially accordion). Anyway this is a first effort and the result is more than satisfying. What is more important is that their compositions are all very interesting and enjoyable. Sound “issues” can be solved with more work; lack of inspiration, not. Their lyrics are in English and they seem to have a humorous approach to epic, folk, Viking themes.

I think FolkenTroll is a promising band, since all of their songs are very melodic and catchy. I am sure that with a more professional production things will go very well for them. “Jester of Chaos” is released directly by the band in a standard jewel case CD-r edition with a 4-page booklet. If you like melodic folk metal with death, thrash and progressive references, I recommend you this band. You can check their music in their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

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