Origin: Norway
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2012

4 years after their wonderful debut album, Quadrivium return with their second masterpiece of avant-garde black metal. After the release of “Adversus” in 2008, the band started writing its second album. The composition process was complete in 2009, but they wanted to expand their line-up before the recording sessions. So “Methocha” was released 3 years later, in the end of November 2012, via Soulseller Records again.

Quadrivium play melodic avant-garde metal with some black metal elements. Their production and song-writing has improved a lot since debut and the band seems to build its own personal sound. Guitars, symphonic synths, electronic elements and wonderful mix of clean and black metal vocals are their basic “weapons”. They pay more attention to the melodic avant-garde side of their music than their extreme side. The addition of Attila Bakos in clean vocals was a great choice, since he has the perfect voice for the genre. There are 8 songs totally and the album lasts a little more than 43 minutes. Their compositions are not all in the same style. There are some more melodic songs with an almost progressive metal approach, others move closer to black metal and others have a calmer atmospheric mood. It’s the overall cosmic, space concept of the album that unifies them all in a very tight solid result. They don’t hesitate to experiment with some unusual synth sounds, adding more interest and originality in their songs. All band members are very experienced musicians, who have participated in some great bands like Ragnarok, Augury, Myrkgrav and Nàttsòl among others. Maybe this is something that explains the quality of “Methocha“…

Summing up, Quadrivium have moved many steps forward with their new album. “Methocha” is a very professional work, one of the best avant-garde metal albums this year and I recommend it to all fans of the genre. I hope they get the recognition they deserve. The album is released by Soulseller Records in jewel case with 12-page booklet, including all lyrics and nice illustrations, matching the space atmosphere of their music. For sound samples you can visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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