Origin: Italy
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2012

Italian ambient black metal band Lord Agheros from Sicily is back with its fourth full-length album “Demiurgo“. After some early experiments with other groups, Gerassimos Evangelou decided to start his own band, in order to express his personal mood and emotions. The project began around 2000, but its first work “Hymn” came out in 2007. His next 2 albums “As-a-Sin” in 2008 and “Of Beauty and Sadness” in 2010 were released by My Kingdom Music and the band got very nice feedback. In the end of 2012 the time has come for a new release…

Lord Agheros had a very experimental nature since its beginning. The band always combined underground raw black metal with melodic synths and many dark ambient and cinematographic elements. This contradiction has worked very well in their previous works, so I hope they will always keep their black metal elements in their music. “Demiurgo” is divided into two chapters: Chapter I, including 9 songs (38 minutes) and Chapter 2, with 8 songs (22 minutes). The first chapter moves in the typical Lord Agheros style, while the second one is more calm, instrumental and without any metal elements at all.

The first nine songs are simply amazing! Distorted noisy guitars, raw extreme black metal screams, enchanting depressive synth melodies, atmospheric ambiance, acoustic interludes, beautiful piano parts, all combined so skillfully in the band’s unique melancholic compositions. I think this first part is the most mature and solid work of Lord Agheros so far. I also like that Gerassimos keeps this same underground black metal sound all these years, without trying to “polish” the production. I believe this sound is one a the basic elements for the atmosphere of his music. My favorite song is “Thanatos” (death in Greek), for which the band released also a beautiful video.

Chapter 2 focuses on Lord Agheros’ acoustic experimental melodic side, but in my opinion it cannot reach the level of the first one. I am not saying the songs are bad, not at all! It’s just my personal view that this kind of atmospheric soundtrack music sounds incomplete if not followed by a visual medium as well. Anyway, these 8 compositions are based on synths, tranquil piano melodies and acoustic guitars. This music can rest your ears, calm your brain and empty your mind from any thoughts; almost like hypnotizing you… My best song from this part is “Ker” with its magic acoustic guitars and piano!

Demiurgo” is a work that will satisfy most Lord Agheros fans. If you are into experimental atmospheric ambient black metal and you don’t know the band, this is the album to begin with. Except for the album title (creator or create in Greek), all song titles are also in Greek (not the lyrics), something explained from Evangelou’s Greek origin. The album was released in deluxe digipak edition on November 26th, 2012 via My Kingdom Music and you can listen to many songs from it in the links below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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