Origin: Germany
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Black Tower Productions
Year: 2012

Vinterforest is a German pagan black metal solo project formed in 2008 by Graishak. The demo Winterwald was released in 2009 and a 4-track promo in 2010. The full-length album “Aarstider” is the first official release for the band and it was out in 2012 by the Swiss label Black Tower Productions.

Vinterforest play underground pagan black metal, with many epic elements and a few folk touches. Their music is quite melodic and based mostly on the wonderful guitar lines, which are influenced by classical music and Windir! Of course Graishak doesn’t “copy” anything, since he tries to build a personal character, experimenting with various elements. Synths and folk instruments are totally discreet in this album, just enriching its sound. Most of the time his compositions move in the typical pagan metal rhythms, but there are also some slower parts and a few faster extreme attacks! His vocals also change a lot, from pagan black metal screams, to epic clean vocals and some creepy weeping cries! Except for the “Prolog“, there are 7 long songs (including the 4 tracks of the 2010 promo) and the album lasts for over 61 minutes. Graishak experimented a lot, trying to combine influences from various genres, but I believe the result could be much more solid with a better filtering. “Aarstider” is recorded and produced in Graishak’s home studio and maybe this explains the underground “color” in its sound. All lyrics are in German and you can read them in the 8-page cd booklet. The whole atmosphere of the album has an epic melancholic mood, which sometimes gets almost depressive…

The band is already preparing its second album and I believe Graishak can make something very good, focusing more on Vinterforest’s epic folk melodic side and improving the production. “Aarstider” is a decent debut album that will most probably satisfy fans of underground pagan epic black metal. It is released in jewel case CD by Black Tower Productions and you can get a taste of their music in the following links.


Rating:  (8/10)

Vinterforest @ Facebook
Vinterforest @ Myspace


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