NEOKHROME – Perihelion

NEOKHROME - Perihelion

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Extreme Progressive Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Neokhrome is a rather unknown Hungarian band from Debrecen. They were formed in 2001, under the name Neochrome (with “c”, not “k” ) and released their debut album “Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious” in 2004. Three years later the second full-length album “Downfall / Collapse” was out. Both albums were released by Nail Records, but I never listened to them. Based on some online samples, these 2 works sounded like typical black death metal, but nothing too special. After many line-up changes, the band recently changed its name to Neokhrome and in the end of October 2012 they just released their new album “Perihelion“, this time as a self release.

The improvement of the band is really admirable! The whole concept of the album deals with stellar, cosmic, space thematology, thus the title from the Greek word “περιήλιο” (perihelion = the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet where it is nearest to the sun). The band has changed its style into melodic atmospheric black metal, with avant-garde, symphonic and progressive elements and everything now sounds much more professional and interesting. All 3 Neokhrome musicians seem very skilled and experienced. Guitars have both rhythmic and leading role and synths are used either as a symphonic layer that accompanies the guitars, or as unusual atmospheric space sounds. Either way their great orchestration builds the perfect melodic background for Vasvári Gyula’s breathtaking vocals. He sings equally good in black metal growls and clean avant-garde style vocals. He really has a wonderful voice and nothing to fear in comparison with the “big names” of the scene. The album contains 9 songs, including two wonderful instrumentals, the opening track “Aurea” and the mysterious “Closer to the Sun” and its total duration is a little over 40 minutes. All of their compositions are at a great level, with many catchy melodies, amazing vocal lines and various changes in rhythms. Furthermore “Perihelion” comes with very good production, perfectly clear and balanced sound. Like in both their previous works, all lyrics are in English.

I admit that the new album of Neokhrome totally surprised me, since I didn’t know the band. If you don’t know this band either, but you like melodic atmospheric “cosmic” black metal, better give “Perihelion” a chance. If you knew them in the past, you better check them again, since they have changed a lot! The CD is released directly by the band in a very limited 3 panel digipak, including all the lyrics and the wonderful illustrations of Hjules. The cover artwork is a real piece of art! The best way to buy the album is to contact the band directly. Below you can see the links to their official pages, as well as a preview video of “Perihelion“.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Neokhrome @ Facebook
Neokhrome @ Myspace


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