TIMOR ET TREMOR – Upon Bleak Grey Fields

TIMOR ET TREMOR - Upon Bleak Grey Fields

Origin: Germany
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Black Skull Records
Year: 2012

A new pagan black metal band rises from north Hessen in central Germany, formed in 2005 after the disbanding of black / death metal group Twilight Prophecies. Their homeland’s environment and history made them follow the pagan black metal genre. After line-up changes and some new members’ arrival the band released the demo “The Winding Path” in 2007. In 2009 the debut album “My Oaken Chest” was released online, followed by the 3-track EP “Towards the Shores of Light” in 2011, which included older tracks re-recorded. Finally in 2012 the band releases its first full-length album in CD, via Black Skull Records, a sub-label of Trollzorn / SMP.

Upon Bleak Grey Fields” is a very good album. It consists of 6 new songs, plus two re-recorded songs from older releases and it lasts for over 43 minutes. The band defines its music as Chattic black metal, from the ancient Germanic tribe Chatten settled in Hessen. Timor et Tremor offer us well played pagan black metal with all the characteristics of the genre. Their music is totally based on great melancholic riffs and expressive passionate screaming vocals. Except for two songs, all other compositions are keyboard-free; still the band has a very solid and “full” sound. Their production is perfect for the genre and their sound balances between underground and mainstream, closer to the second though. They change frequently from mid to fast tempo, never becoming too extreme, paying more attention to the emotional side of the genre. There is a sad melancholic atmosphere throughout the whole album, totally different from the “happier” folk approach of other bands. There are also a few more tranquil acoustic parts and a few clean vocals, but in very limited use. Their lyrics are all in English, singing about pagan, epic and nature related themes and you can read them in their very detailed booklet.

Timor et Tremor will most probably satisfy all pagan black metal fans. They seem to be very good at what they do, I only would like to listen to something more distinctive from them; something that will make their sound recognizable among all other bands of this overcrowded genre. Of course this can take time, or might even never come… “Upon Bleak Grey Fields” is released in jewel case edition including a 20-page booklet with wonderful artwork in general, all designed and illustrated by the band! In the links below you can get a first taste of their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

Timor et Tremor @ Myspace
Timor et Tremor @ Facebook


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