VALKNACHT – Chants de Guerre

VALKNACHT - Chants de Guerre

Origin: Canada
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: CDMR
Year: 2011

Heathen epic black metallers Valknacht from Quebek return with their first full-length album. This Canadian band was formed in 2005 by Thorleïf, the mastermind behind Valknacht. After many efforts, he gathered the right musicians and as a full band they released the album “When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine” via the local label Les Productions Hérétiques. According to their biography they consider it as a demo! Anyway, two years later, in 2011, Valknacht released their officially debut album, entitled “Chants de Guerre“, this time via CDMR.

Valknacht have created a very good album. The band has improved everything in terms of  production, having a much more powerful sound, far from the underground feeling of the previous work, while their compositions are now very solid and balanced. Chants de Guerre” means “Songs of War” and that’s exactly what the band offers: epic pagan black metal of a very bombastic, aggressive, yet melodic nature. Their guitar riffing is brilliant, powerful and melodic at the same time, while  epic soundtrack-like synths help the band complete and deepen its sound. The use of flutes gives a wonderful folk touch in the compositions, without to alter the dark fierce war mood of their music! Except for the faster and more aggressive songs, there are also some more atmospheric mid-tempo compositions and many acoustic and instrumental passages, adding a very interesting variety in the album. Thorleïf’s pagan black metal screaming vocals are very passionate, completing perfectly Valknacht’s epic sound. There are 8 songs and over 61 minutes of music in ”Chants de Guerre“, which despite its long duration, never becomes tiring at all! Their lyrics are both in French and English and the band’s influences and interests lay in nature, history and mythology…

This is a very recommendable album for fans of epic pagan folk black metal. Valknacht improved everything since previous work and the result is this beautiful and professional album. It is released by CDMR in standard jewel case edition, with a 12-page booklet, including all the lyrics and the wonderful cover artwork by Jean-Pascal Fournier. If you are interested in the band, you better visit their official profiles below and contact them directly in order to buy the album.


Rating:  (9/10)

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Valknacht @ Myspace


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