DREAMSHADE – The Gift of Life

DREAMSHADE - The Gift of Life

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Year: 2013

When an album has a very strong opener song, then you know that it will be good. That’s the feeling that I got when I listened to “Photographs“, the first song of Dreamshade’s new album. The band comes from Switzerland and this is their second album after 2011 “What Silence Hides“. I haven’t heard their debut album, so I didn’t know what to expect from them, and I must say I am amazed.

Their music style is modern melodic death metal and by this I mean songs with good heavy riffing, brutal vocals, strong verses and melodic chorus with clean vocals, guitar leads and keyboards. If I had to compare them with one band that would be Soilwork and by this you know what to expect from them. The album consists of 10 songs and I like the fact that despite the running time is a little below 40 minutes, the album feels very solid and by the end of it you don’t have the feeling that something is missing and they needed to put more songs in there. If I had to pick 3 songs that describe this album, I would go for “Photographs” which is also the band’s first video, “Late Confessions” and “Consumed Future“.

For me “The Gift of Life” is one of the best albums of modern melodic death metal that I listened this year. It is a must have album for all the fans of the genre and recommended to any other who want to listen a great solid metal album. I am looking forward for their next album and I think that this band has a lot more to offer to our music. Below you can find links to their official pages and watch the “Photographs” video to get an idea of their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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