ELFFOR sixth full-length album details

ELFFOR - Heriotz Sustraiak

Elffor return with their stunning sixth full-length album, “Heriotz Sustraiak” (Deadly Roots). The album contains 4 long tracks of pure atmospheric ambient black metal… a tribute to the obscure and ancient!! Counting with the special collaboration of Hildr Valkyrie on 2 songs and great musicians as Ametsgaizto (Drums), Jabo (Bass/ Guitars) and Lord Lott (Acoustic Guitars) members of Numen, Cerebral Effusion, Sffera, Apocalyptic… The great cover is drawn by the master Igor Mugerza. “Heriotz Sustraiak” will be self released in a limited to 333 copies digibook and it will be available in the end of 2012. Reserve your copy now!!!

1. Barrumbe Beltza 12:10
2. Hildakoen Basoetan 09:22                           
3. Heriotz Sustraiak 10:40
4. Kateek Loturik 15:53

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