FROSTSEELE new EP details

FROSTSEELE - Saat der Sterne

Atmospheric German black metal band FrostSeele has revealed more details about the successor of its debut album “PrækΩsmium“. They will release a 3-Song EP entitled “Saat der Sterne” with a total length of 32:21 mins. According to them: “expect a massive progress compared to PrækΩsmium“. “Saat der Sterne” was supposed to be released in a limited to 500 copies digipak edition, but due to the increasing demand, the digipak will come in 900 copies! Furthermore there will be a special A5 digipak edition with alternative cover and additional embroidered logo patch, limited to 100 copies… Both versions will be published via Self Mutilation Services, somewhere around February 2013.

1. (Gebär)Mutter Erde – 7:51                    
2. Mondsüchtig – 15:00
3. Eine Neue Welt – 9:30

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