PAGANLAND reveal debut album info

PAGANLAND - Wind of Freedom

Ukrainian pagan metallers Paganland have just announced the release of their debut album “Wind of Freedom“. It comes nearly five years after the split CD “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” with Tini Zabutyh Predkiv in 2008 and 14 years after the demo cassette “Gods of Golden Circle” in 1999! A celebration of pagan pride and a show of metal might, “Wind of Freedom” carries the listener on a windswept journey like no other – verily, to a mystical Pagan Land! The album will be released worldwide by the Ukrainian label Svarga Music on March 4th, 2013.

1. Коло Вічності – інтро (Wheel of Eternity – intro)
2. Тіні минулого (Shadows of the Past)
3. Сила духу (Power of Spirit)                         
4. Чорногора (Chornohora)
5. Подолянка (Podolyanka)
6. Нічний ліс (Night Forest)
7. Тумани і сутінки (Fogs and Twilights)
8. Вітер волі (Wind of Freedom)

Volodymyr – vocals
Ruen – keyboards
Yor – drums
Stanislav – bass
Vladislav – guitar

Paganland @ Facebook
Paganland @ Myspace
Paganland @ Svarga Music


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