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OPRICH - The Birdless Heavens

North Russian pagan metal band Опричь (Oprich) have announced the release of their second full-length album “Небо Без Птиц” (The Birdless Heavens), 3 years after their debut “Север Вольный“. Like their first album, it will be published by Casus Belli Musica, the Russian label who also released their 3-way split “Триединство” with Чур and Piarevaracien. “Небо Без Птиц” will be out in January 2013 in digipak edition with 16-page booklet.

The band states about its new creation: “Time is ripe for telling you about the album – about this winter work of ours. It turned out strange and unexpected even for us – its creators. There are many thoughts and perceptions in it. There are many images in this album, the images which had come once, long ago – maybe in childhood, and maybe before… Now it’s slow and viscous as a heavy road in the snow, now it’s swift as a biting and spiny blow of the snowstorm, and it pulsates. There are a lot of blizzards, snow, melancholy, despair, grief also in the album… but there is hope in the album, as well.
Trying to catch and not to let this pulsation go, we used different ways and tricks. Gusli, little bells, throat singing, blues guitar fuzz, a horn – and what not! Seven songs turned out to be a lengthy tale, and we choose the empty cold winter skies as the album’s symbol – The Birdless Heavens.
Meanwhile, the images of birds always appear in the songs one way or another – their voices, silhouettes, tracks… Although these are not alive spring birds whose chests burst with joyful singing and flying in life-giving rays. They are the dead birds of Winter – the black shadows of misery.
They accompany the whole of the album, the whole of winter, and disappear in the end only – when the ice breaks under the hot solar pressure.
…but that’s another story to tell…

1. Прощальная (Valedictory Hymn)
2. Первозимье (The First Wintry Touches)
3. Светлая смерть (This Light And Joyous Death)
4. Ведьма-метель (Beldam-Snowstorm)
5. Сить (The Sit’-River)
6. Вещий (The Prophetic)
7. Скоро, скоро! (Soon, Very Soon!)

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