Origin: Belgium
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Aural Music Code 666 Records
Year: 2013

Melodic black metallers Saille from Belgium are back with their new work. The band was formed by Dries (keyboards, ex-Mortifer) in 2008 and his initial thoughts were about a studio project. Gradually Saille got a full line-up and they decided to become active on stage too. Their debut album “Irreversible Decay” was released in 2011 via Aural Music / Code666, making quite an impression. On January 18th 2013 the band reveals its second opus, entitled “Ritu“, again by Aural Music.

Ritu” has a very strong concept inspired on death rites in ancient cultures (Indian, Mayan, German and others) and on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Saille continue on the same type of melodic black metal they introduced on “Irreversible Decay“, making the right adjustments to attribute the atmosphere of this darker concept. So, they borrowed the magnificence of symphonic black metal and the dark theatrical lunacy of avant-garde metal and skillfully integrated them in their personal version of melodic black metal. Guitars, drums, synths and several guest instruments like cello, violin, tuba, trombone, accordion, cornet and theremin are combined in a very tight and grandiose result. All these traditional and classical instruments are used though only for the creation of a symphonic layer in their music and they never take the leading role in their compositions. Dennie’s vocals are fitting perfectly in Saille’s dark music, remaining exclusively in the brutal side, with furious, yet melodic black metal screams and no clean vocals at all. The majority of their lyrics is in English. They use though some extracts in different languages, depending on the origin of each “rite”. Their production touches perfection and their sound is very solid and balanced, despite the use of many unusual instruments.

Saille made a really impressive album that all fans of the genre should at least listen to! It contains 9 wonderful compositions, with a total duration a little over 47 minutes. The term melodic or symphonic usually refers to “softer” albums, but in Saille’s case their black metal nature remains very “strong”. “Ritu” will be released by Aural Music / Code666 in a 3-panel digipak edition and a limited to 15 copies handmade ritual box, which was sold out in just 13 minutes at pre-orders! The artwork of their beautiful cover is by Michal Karcz, while their 8-page booklet contains all the lyrics. You better visit their official pages below and listen to this masterpiece! Totally recommended.


Rating:  (9/10)

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