FIRTAN – Wogen der Trauer

FIRTAN - Wogen der Trauer

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

A new pagan epic black metal band comes from Lörrach in Southern Germany. Firtan were formed in 2010 by 3 of its members. The line-up was complete in the end of 2010 and the band started working on its first demo, a demo that was never released though. Finally on January 19th 2013 the band will release its first work ever, the EP “Wogen der Trauer“.

The first thing I’d like to comment is the excellent sound, much above the expected level for a self-financed debut EP. The production is very professional and in fact better than many mainstream works of the genre! “Wogen der Trauer” contains 6 songs and lasts a little over half an hour. Firtan play epic pagan black metal with many melodic elements. Great heavy guitar riffs, both rhythmic and melodic, solid drumming, brutal black / death metal screaming vocals and epic synths compose the band’s wonderful sound. All 6 songs move in the same style and rhythm, changing from mid tempo to faster outbreaks. The band’s orchestrations sound quite melodic, with guitars and synths carrying all melodies, leaving a more aggressive rhythmic role to the brutal, yet passionate and expressive vocals. I would like though some more melody in the vocals; maybe a few clean parts, or choral refrains, just to add a bigger variety in their vocal lines. All their lyrics are in German, dealing of course with epic pagan themes.

Firtan are about to release a very promising and decent debut EP. The band is very tight, with great musicianship and quite skilled members, who have already created such a powerful, balanced and mature album! “Wogen der Trauer” is released directly by the band in a jewel case edition with a 4-page booklet, including all their lyrics. The beautiful cover artwork is illustrated by Larissa Kraus and the layout and design is by their bassist Oliver König! You can visit their official profiles on Facebook and MySpace to listen to their songs, or buy the album.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Firtan @ Facebook
Firtan @ Myspace


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  1. Thanks for the nice review, but I have to mention that the artwork was drawn Larissa Kraus just the layout was made by Oliver König! Smilie: ;)

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