TOTENGEFLÜSTER debut album details

TOTENGEFLUSTER - Vom Seelensterben

Totengeflüster is a new symphonic black metal band by Totleben, Narbengrund & Schattendorn. The band comes from the Swabian Alps in Germany and was formed in 2007 by Totleben. Totengeflüster combine black metal with elements of classical music creating a dark cold aggressive cinematic atmosphere. They have finished their debut full-length album “Vom Seelensterben“, which will be released hopefully in the end of January 2013. It will be self-released by the band in digipak edition, while all artwork & layout is by Totleben.

01. Die Prophezeiung
02. Ein Traumgespinst
03. Ein Monolog im Mondschein          
04. Gefrorene Tränen
05. Vom Seelensterben
06. Der Pakt
08. Blutsegen – Die strömende Erkenntnis
09. Ein Neuer Pfad
10. Im Tau der Toten Morgensonne
11. Ein Monolog im Mondschein (orchestral version bonus track)


Totleben – Composition, Guitars, Bass, Orchestration & Artwork
Narbengrund – Lyrics, Vocals, Concept
Schattendorn – Live Drums

Totengeflüster @ Facebook
Totengeflüster @ Myspace


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