STIGMATIC CHORUS new album re-release details


The fifth studio album of the legendary Russian symphonic black metal band Stigmatic Chorus is called “Fanatic” and it will be officially released on February 2013 via Sublimity Records in a very limited edition of 100 copies. The album was initially self-released by the band in a CD-R edition, containing nine tracks of maddened sounds from the very depths of dark abyss. The concept of the album, written by Dan Sein and Demether Grail, tells of the bloody events that plunged the American town Nauvoo into darkness in the XIX-th century, during the Mormon War. Album’s filled with atmosphere of aggression and madness of fanatic. Artwork is by Alexander Tarcus, special conceptual guests are Natalia Terekhova (Dark Princess) and Demether (Arcane Grail). Recording took place in the studio Arsafes Records under the guidance of Roman Arsafes (Kartikeya). Music has become more brutal, fast and melodic at the same time!

1. Одержимая? – 4:52
2. Юность в Египте – 4:02                      
3. Приговор – 4:41
4. Расправа – 5:15
5. Да Свершится Месть! – 5:10
6. Избиение Младенцев-  6:00
7. Мятеж Глупцов – 3:38
8. Повешенный Город – 5:16
9. Пианистка (bonus-track) – 4:22

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