NOTA PROFANA unveil new album details

NOTA PROFANA - The Devil's Playground

Symphonic classical Gothic metallers Nota Profana from Caracas, Venezuela have just revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and release date of their second full-length album “The Devil’s Playground“. The band was formed in 2005 as a tribute project to Haggard and soon got a huge line-up and its own personal style. Their debut album “Violent Whispers” was released in 2008 followed by the demo “The Lake” in 2009. Their new work will be self released in a digipak version that will see the light of day on 16th of February 2013. Responsible for “The Devil’s Playground” artwork and design is Victoria Massó.

1. Reminiscence
2. A Warning and a Dream
3. The Lake                            
4. In the Footsteps of Fear (Binaural recording)
5. Going Home
6. Nightmare
7. In the Asylum
8. Unending Sorrow (Demise & Release)

Bonus Tracks:
9. The Grove
10. Beethoven 7th Symphony – Allegretto
11. Dies Irae

Gaby Koss – Soprano Vocals (ex-Haggard)
Renzo Lucena – Grunts Vocals
Carlos Mosquera – Guitars & Conductor
Brian Simmons – Drums
Mariana Rojas – Bass
María E. Vásquez – Piano
Ana P. Alarcón – Violin
Sonalí Zambrano – Violin
Daniel Padrón – Viola
Joanmary Montes – Violoncello
Erika Perera – Contrabass


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