SUNWALTER debut album details


Moscow melodic extreme metal band Sunwalter will soon release its debut album “SETI Evidence” recorded and mixed in the studio Navaho Hut. The album will come out on February 14 of 2013 by Grailight Productions. Take a little bit of classic heavy metal, add progressive melodies, then pour a pinch of romance in the form of beautiful female vocals and keyboard arrangements. Then tuck the cocktail with sheer evil in the form of male screaming and growling, as well as melodic and rocking modern melodic death metal guitar riffs and futuristic electronic sketches – and… we get a hybrid of several styles of heavy music, containing a collection of all modern metal listener loves. Even an amateur of one musical direction, in most cases, will find something interesting in this music. Album “SETI Evidence” has the feature in the lyrics, which tell the story of what can happen beyond our planet in the near future. Affects topical questions today about the existence of foreign life forms. And also dilutes all elements of science fiction. Although is it may not at all a fantasy?

1. T.S.F. Report № 1
2. Roswell Incident
3. Supernova
4. Nibiru
5. Rotten
6. Phantoms of Mars
7. Pandorum
8. Sunwalter
9. Battle for the Moon
10. Alien Opera

Alexio Sunwalter – vocals
Natalia Alvane Sibilskaya – vocals
Svyatoslav Zakharov – guitars
Kirill Matjuhin – guitars
Dmitriy Brajnikov – bass
Denis Demenkov – drums

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