ANGIZIA unveil new album details

ANGIZIA - Des Winters Finsterer Gesell

Austrian masters of theatrical, classical experimental music Angizia are back with news for their upcoming seventh album “Des Winters Finsterer Gesell“, proving that their 7-year silence before 2011 was only temporary! The new album will be released again by Medium Theater and it will come in digipak edition with the wonderful artwork by Gabriele Böck. Prepare yourselves for 70 minutes of the darkest Angizia music up to date, in their unique characteristic style, with many guest musicians as always! Its release is scheduled for March 15th 2013 and you can pre-order you copy at

1. Das Gebet des Waldes
2. Im Dunklen Tann
3. Anatol                                         
4. Himmel und Hölle
5. Weh und Wunde Mich Erzgötzt
6. Ein Kreuz zur Zier
7. Tief in des Waldes Gründe
8. Flügelspiel
9. Ich Hab’ den Mut. Ich Hab’ die Macht.
10. Zügellos
11. Grausamkeit und Prunk
12. Das Leere Grab
13. Jagd
14. Abschiedslied
15. Die Letzte Lust

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