ZARGOF reveal new EP details

ZARGOF - Solace

Brazilian extreme progressive metallers Zargof are back and ready to release their second EP “Solace“, celebrating their 10 years birthday! The new EP comes 9 years after their debut EP “Departure for the Cosmic Twilight” and one year after the single “Aeon“. The concept behind Zargof’s new work is progression! According to the band members, the idea of progression is present in every song in every second. They got the sound they were looking for in a long time. This work doesn’t represent just a new release but the beginning of a new era! “Solace” will be self-released, including only 3 songs, but it’s total duration will be over 26 minutes. In the coming weeks, more information about the EP and tour dates will be announced in their official pages, so stay tuned!

01. Circles of the Stellar Fragmentations
02. Solace
03. Aeon                         

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