MUYZKKUBUN reveal debut album details

MUYZKKUBUN - In the Name of Our Gods

Colombian pagan folk black metallers MuyzKKubun from Rionegro, Antioquia are finally ready to release their debut album “In the Name of Our Gods“. The band was formed in 2009 and has undergone several line-up changes and a short break-up in 2010. Luckily next year they reunited stronger and as a 6-piece band they completed a 3-track promo. Their current line-up consists of Yari Ruiz (vocals, guitars), Hector Orozco (keyboards), Daniel Ramirez (bass), Juan José Builes (guitars), Diego Alejandro Valencia (flutes) and Jonathan Giraldo (drums). Finally their first full-length album “In the Name of Our Gods” will be self-released in a limited to 300 copies CD edition on 10th of March 2013.

1. In the Name of Our Gods
2. Land of El Dorado
3. Towards Burning the Crown                          
4. And the Nature will Bless this Land
5. For Victory
6. Pagan Prayer for Ancestors
7. The Mallet Show its Horror
8. With My Spear Destroyed

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