ARKANE – Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction

ARKANE - Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction

Origin: Greece
Genre: Neoclassical
Label: The Fossil Dungeon Twilight Records
Year: 2013

The second album of Arkane, the Greek one man project of ArkanumX (a co-founding member of Δαιμονία Νύμφη) is finally out. It has been already 5 years since his debut album “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” and 11 years after “Arcane Elitism” that was his first solo work, under the name xARKANEx. After his departure from Δαιμονία Νύμφη (Daemonia Nymphe) ArkanumX decided to follow much darker paths, experimenting with seductive neoclassical sounds.

The new album is actually a continuation of his previous work, but it’s less variable and totally focused in a particular sound style. Dark synth orchestrations (with the help of Drg) and amazing samples (!!!) of operatic female vocals dominate their sound. A few male recitations are the only “lyrics”, but the overall impression is that of an instrumental work. “Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” is deeply influenced by the soundtrack of “The Ninth Gate” and actually the opening track is a cover of the movie’s main theme. Melancholy, sadness, mysticism, nostalgia, eroticism and beauty, seduce the listener through Arkane’s esoteric minimal art. The music itself is actually very beautiful and if you take it song by song all compositions are really enchanting. In my opinion, the main problem in this album is the repetition. There are 7 songs, with a total duration a little over 38 minutes, but they are quite similar. It’s actually like listening to alternative versions of a basic idea. Even the song titles they all contain at least one of these 3 key words: mesmerism, seduction, masquerade. It seems to me that ArkanumX has become “obsessed” with a particular melody / atmosphere (that is really wonderful) and pays tribute to it, seeking its perfect version!

If you are into atmospheric soundtrack-like music with neoclassical and operatic elements, you will most probably be enchanted by Arkane’s music. “Mesmeric Masquerade Seduction” is released by The Fossil Dungeon from USA and Twilight Records from Argentina in a minimal digipak edition, without any booklet, but with very artistic photography! You can visit their official profiles, or contact ArkanumX directly in the following links.


Rating:  (8/10)

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