ECNEPHIAS unveil new album details

ECNEPHIAS - Necrogod

Southern extreme metallers Ecnephias from Potenza, Italy have announced the release of their fifth full-length album “Necrogod“. The album is scheduled for release on June, one and a half year after their previous work “Inferno“. The amazing artwork is once again illustrated by Pierre-Alain D. // 3mmi Design. Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity), owner of Unisound Studios (Katatonia, Dissection, Opeth & more), will take care of the mastering, while Sakis (Rotting Christ) has completed the recording of guest vocals on the song “Voodoo (Daughter of Idols)”. Ecnephias have already completed the pre-production of their upcoming album and as they confess: “we are very satisfied, the next chapter is higher than the previous album “Inferno”; a lot of melody combined with a healthy dose of extreme metal (death, thrash, doom). This album confirms the new path taken by two years (really far from black metal and any other category) and continues our evolution.

01. Syrian Desert (intro)
02. The Temple of Baal-Seth                   
03. Kukulkan
04. Necrogod
05. Ishtar (Al-’Uzza)
06. Anubis (The Incense of Twilight)
07. Kali Ma (The Mother of the Black Face)
08. Leviathan (Seas of Fate)
09. Voodoo (Daughter of Idols)
10. Winds of Horus (instrumental)

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