CALADAN BROOD – Echoes of Battle

CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle

Origin: USA
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: Northern Silence Productions
Year: 2013

Epic atmospheric black metal of highest quality is what this new American band has to offer in its debut album “Echoes of Battle“. Caladan Brood come from Salt Lake City in Utah and they were formed in 2008 by Shield Anvil and Mortal Sword, who are the band’s only members. Luckily enough, the German label Northern Silence Records believed in them, so their brilliant debut full-length album was properly released on 15th of February 2013.

Echoes of Battle” is inspired by Steven Erikson’s fantasy novel series “Malazan Book of the Fallen“. Caladan Brood have composed 6 long songs and 71 minutes of finest epic black metal in the vein of Summoning. From the very first listening I was sure this is something great and the more I listen to it, the more addictive it becomes! I find everything in this work perfect. Their songs move in slow atmospheric tempo, with beautiful guitars and enchanting synths melodies; some of them are stack in my head and I whisper them by myself! Except for the somehow raw and extreme black metal screams, they also use breathtaking epic clean male vocals and choirs, which are for sure among the best of this genre and one of the band’s trademarks. They have also many folk / fantasy elements in their sound (mostly in the keys), while they don’t hesitate to add some wonderful guitar solos. The musicianship, the balance of their orchestrations, the maturity and the amazing sense of melody of Caladan Brood is more than surprising, especially since we speak for the debut album of a band who never released anything before. Their production is also exactly what this genre needs, somewhere between mainstream and underground. All their well-written poetic lyrics are in English and you can find them in the CD booklet.

Caladan Brood have just raised the level of epic melodic and atmospheric black metal very high for this year! “Echoes of Battle” is a perfect album that fans of the genre can’t afford to ignore. Northern Silence released it in two different formats: standard jewel case edition and limited to 1000 copies A5 digipak edition, with 8-page booklet and amazing paintings. The 2 versions have different artwork, both illustrated by Albert Bierstadt. I totally recommend this album and you better listen to their music in their official page. I hope we will hear from them in the future too…


Rating:  (9,5/10)

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CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle A5


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