LAND OF FOG – Heathen Tales

LAND OF FOG - Heathen Tales

Origin: Brazil
Genre: Epic Black Metal Epic Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Hollehammer
Year: 2012

Land of Fog is a Brazilian epic pagan metal band from Carlos Barbosa, a city colonized around 1850 initially by Germans and later by Italians, due to its weather’s resemblance with their own countries’ climate, something that also inspired the band’s name. They were formed by Stormbringer, Triumphsword and Stroncold back in 2006. Next year they self-released the 6-track demo “Mother Land” and in 2009 they contributed 2 songs to the 6-way split “Southern Warrior’s Union“. In the autumn of 2012 they finally released their debut full-length album “Heathen Tales” via the Brazilian label Höllehammer.

Heathen Tales” contains 12 songs totally, including re-recorded versions of all 6 tracks of the demo and its duration is 44 minutes. The foundation of their music is epic pagan metal and their compositions change from mid and fast tempo epic metal, to faster pagan black metal parts, with several folk elements from time to time. Their sound is based mostly on their guitar lines and vocals. Epic rhythmic riffs and melodic lead guitars are combined with faster aggressive riffs, depending on the mood of each song. Discreet synths enrich their orchestrations, while flutes add a heathen folk touch in their music. Land of Fog combine various types of epic clean male vocals with pagan black metal screams in a very interesting dialogue between them, while a few choirs and some guest female vocals add even bigger diversity in their sound. Except for the closing song “L’Ultima Battaglia” which is a folk acoustic ballad in their native language, all other songs are in English, speaking about epic battle tales and pagan themes. Their production is good and they have a clear sound with nice balance between all instruments and vocals.

Fans of epic pagan metal better check this Brazilian band. It might took them 6 years to finally release their debut album, but it was worth the waiting. I would only like to listen to some more local elements in their sound too. “Heathen Tales” comes in a beautiful digipak with 12-page booklet, including all lyrics, while the amazing cover is painted by Michael Schindler (Dragon Design). If you are interested you can visit Land of Fog’s official profiles to listen to their music and find details on how to get their album.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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