MYSTIC FOREST announce new album, tracklist, unveil cover artwork and post first song online


Romantic classical black metallers from France return after 8 years of silence with their new album, entitled “In the End…“. The album contains 7 years of work concentrated in 40 minutes of music! The 5th full-length of Mystic Forest will be released by Drakkar Productions in the end of May, exclusively in a limited special edition with this beautiful cover artwork.


1. In the End
2. As I Peered Down from My Window Pane
3. Deviation
4. A Desperate Endeavor
5. To Cross this Frigid Expanse Ever Wide
6. My Blood Mingled with the Earths Crust
7. Within a Blackened Tower
8. Have You Seen the Waverly Child

You can visit their Facebook page to listen to a wonderful song of the upcoming album:


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