PROHOD reveal debut album details

PROHOD - Hotarul Imbrelor

Prohod is a new 6-piece Romanian atmospheric melodic black metal band based in Transylvania. Their debut album “Hotarul Imbrelor” is finished and will be released by Totemic Forest Productions in the Summer of 2013. It contains over 60 minutes of music that will transport you in a world of mysterious and majestic landscapes, where dark feelings, despair and curses take you over. “Hotarul Imbrelor” is for the wordless beings that still bear affection and kindness to each other, to nature and to life itself. Kogaion Art is working on the artwork, which will take some weeks until is done, but you can already see the wonderful cover and a 9-minute promo video.

1. Temnita Gerului
2. Sacrilegiu Sfetnic
3. Blesteme Peste Veacuri                                                  
4. Din Sihle Pustii
5. Vrajba
6. Vrajmas Zamislit
7. Al ‘naltului Prohod
8. Nadejdei Jelanie
9. Amurgu’Duhurilor
10. Viers de Foc
11. Glas de Cuget

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  1. Awesome !

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