TENGGER CAVALRY new album details announced

TENGGER CAVALRY - The Expedition

Nomadic folk metal legends Tengger Cavalry from China will release their new album entitled “The Expedition” via Metal Hell Records this summer! This album features 8 all new tracks of triumphant folk metal followed by two bonus tracks of pure folk using only traditional folk instruments and throat singing. Wrapped up with an excellent new fantasy art cover once again by master artist Guannan Cao, “The Expedition” is expected to have a release date of early June 2013 and will be available on CD, MP3 and a limited edition vinyl LP later this year. By the way, Tengger Cavalry have recently won the award for “Best Composer” at the Wacken Metal Battle China competition!

1. Cavalry in Thousands
2. Expedition
3. Black Steed                  
4. In the Storm
5. Khan
6. Hymn of the Wolf
7. Dance of Horse
8. Homeland Song
9. White Pony (bonus track)
10. Leader Wolf (bonus track)

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