AHERUSIA – As I Cross the Seas of My Soul

AHERUSIA - As I Cross the Seas of My Soul

Origin: Greece
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Bowel of Noise
Year: 2013

Aherusia’s second album was my most anticipated work for the last years! This Greek folk pagan black metal band was formed back in 1997 by Voreas Faethon and a complete different line-up. During this first period of their life they played many gigs in the Aegean islands and in 1999 they released the rare and hard to find EP “Whispers of Moon“. In 2000, they decided to take a long break, until 2004 when they were reborn with many line-up changes. In 2009 they finally released their impressive debut album “And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces“, the best Greek folk black metal album ever, by far! Many live shows around every corner of Greece followed and the band was working hard on its second work! Finally “As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” was released by the Greek label Bowel of Noise on the mid of June 2013.

Many things have changed, but the essence of their music is still the same, continuing the very characteristic and personal sound of their debut. The basic difference in ”As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” is the huge improvement in the production! Everything sounds more clear, more powerful and more certain, resulting in a very solid sound. Aherusia have tried something very difficult and ambitious: they try to combine epic classic heavy metal, with symphonic majestic pagan black metal and Greek traditional music. They have done this in their debut album too, but this time the try to take things to the next level. They don’t just change from one style to the other, but they have built their sound by taking elements from all these styles, demolishing the dividing lines between them and merging everything into a very solid new genre! There is an epic approach in their music and everything sounds so balanced. Despite the complexity behind their music, the listener gets only the essence of this ambitious experiment in its clearest form.

This time their music is more guitar driven, with amazing guitar riffs, paying tribute to the classic heavy metal heritage, but at the same time they follow traditional scales, proving the unbreakable continuation of music through the ages. Synths are also dominant and very important in their sound, both as atmospheric intros and as symphonic background in their music, adding depth and enriching their orchestrations in a discreet way. Cretan lyra, by many the trademark of the band, is here again giving a wonderful folklore touch in their music, with the unique sound quality this traditional instrument carries. This time it is merged deeper into their music and often becomes one with the guitars and bass lines, since all their instruments follow traditional tunes and scales. Even their drums, they don’t have just a rhythmic role. There are times when they get an almost tribal approach and in general they are used like another traditional instrument. Voreas’ vocals are a bit different this time. He sings mostly with black metal screaming vocals of a more raw unedited nature and this is by far the most extreme element of Aherusia’s music. He also uses atmospheric recitations in many songs, spoken in Greek, ancient Greek and English language. Few clean vocals and many choirs complete the vocal puzzle of the album.

As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” is a very long album. It contains 8 songs and lasts for over 66 minutes. The album opens with the 4-minute intro “Floisvos“, with synths and choral vocals in Latin and it continues with 7 amazing songs in the characteristic Aherusia style. All songs touch perfection, but if I had to pick just one, this would be the amazing masterpiece “Arbor Martyrum“, a wonderful epic saga, maybe the best song I’ve listened in 2013 so far. The wonderful “ΕΗΘ – Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος (Freedom or Death)” with its more traditional approach, comes close. I’d also like to comment on Aherusia’s lyrics, where Voreas Faethon used 4 different languages. Most of his lyrics are in English, but there are also Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin parts. They are so well written, that I believe they deserve to be called poetry and not just lyrics! It is a concept album, dealing with the ideal of Freedom and the infinite journey inside our souls in search for it. Of course the lyrics are enriched with mythological subjects and the band members’ unbreakable bonds with Sea!

As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” is an album that will satisfy all Aherusia fans. Its music deserves to be listened by more people and I really hope their new label will help them reach more audience abroad. For me this is the best Greek metal album since 2009 and their debut album “And the Tides Shall Reveal the Traces“, which by the way is re-released by Bowel of Noise with the bonus DVD “Traces Revealed“. “As I Cross the Seas of My Soul” comes in a standard jewel-case edition with a 16-page booklet illustrated by Manster Design, including all lyrics. Just visit their official pages below, listen to their music and try to get this masterpiece supporting this great band!


Rating:  (10/10)

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