VITER official video for “Marichka”

Ukrainian folk rock metal band Viter has recently filmed its new music video for the song “Marichka” from the “Springtime” album.

Viter have recreated the atmosphere of the 50′s gangster-style plot, with a slightly grotesque screenplay and a really unexpected ending. Apart from musicians themselves, parts in the clip were played by the one of the Lvivs socialites, a participant of a popular Ukrainian reality show “DOM 2″, Lilya Kish, some toy dogs and even a chicken that has laid an egg in the middle of the shooting process. In their clip the band has presented their own three meter long hand-made pipes made out of the poisonous plant – heracleum, which resemble a traditional Ukrainian instrument trembita. The video was directed by Olexander Kulyk, known by his works for various Ukrainian rock and pop bands (Noralasso, Rock-H, GreenSilence, Lilya Kish)

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