Origin: France
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions
Year: 2013

Extreme onirique metal band Mutilanova have recently released their new album. This French band from Grenoble was formed back in 2002 and 3 years later their demo was out. In 2008 they self-released their first official album “Fragments“, a very interesting mix of melodic black metal with symphonic elements that left many promises for the future. 5 years later the band returns with its second album “Nera Lux“, which was released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions in the beginning of 2013.

Mutilanova remain in the same style with their debut album, but they are definitely improved, both in terms of production and music quality. Of course their sound is still quite raw with an underground aesthetic. In my opinion the term melodic black metal is the best to describe their music, since it’s their brilliant, wonderful, amazing melodies that define their sound! The band has influences from symphonic, avant-garde, progressive, experimental, epic, atmospheric and even folk pagan black metal among others. I can’t say though that they mix all these genres skillfully in a tight result. What they do instead, is putting together one after another many different, yet enchantingly melodic moments, regardless genre, and it works perfectly for them! The album contains 9 long songs, lasting over 68 minutes and the band creates a very dark melancholic atmosphere throughout the whole work. I have given a lot of emphasis to their melodic side, but don’t expect something soft and sweet! The basis of their music is black metal, of quite raw, unpolished and violent nature. They combine their innovative riffs, with melodic lead guitars and symphonic synths, while their vocals remain in the extreme black metal screaming side. All of their lyrics are in English, dealing with dark fantasy and obscure oniric themes.

Nera Lux” is a very good work. Maybe it is not at the same level all the time, but there are many parts that touch perfection! I totally recommend Mutilanova to fans of melodic black metal, especially if you like the underground sound and the experimentation in the genre. The band has countless ideas, enough to fill your ears for over an hour! With a better filtering and a more solid songwriting, combined with a better production, Mutilanova seem capable to make really greater things. “Nera Lux” is released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions in a limited to 500 copies standard jewel-case edition, with 8-page booklet including all the lyrics. If you are interested in their music you can visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Mutilanova @ MySpace


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