VESPERIA reveal debut album details and trailer

VESPERIA - An Olden Tale

Canadian Celtic symphonic death metal band Vesperia from Toronto will self-release its debut album “An Olden Tale” on June 2013. The band was originally formed in 2005 by their lead vocalist / bassist Morgan Rider as Dark Abyss, changing their name to Bolero in 2007 and to Vesperia in 2012. As Bolero they released the full-length “Voyage from Vinland” in 2011 and as Vesperia the demo “The Swordsman” in 2012. “An Olden Tale” was recorded from November 2012 to April 2013. Drums recorded at Icehouse Studios by Thomas Ireland. Bass, orchestrations and vocals recorded at W. Guitars recorded at Frankie’s home studio. Mixed and mastered by Thomas Ireland at Icehouse Studios. The amazing cover artwork is by Jan Yrlund, who also designed the band logo together with Morgan Rider.

Album line-up:
Morgan Rider – Bass / Vocals / Keyboards / Orchestrations
Casey Elliott – Guitars / Vocals
Frankie Caracci – Guitars / Vocals
Cory Hofing – Drums

1. 1000 Years Ago
2. With Omens of Sorrow
3. The Swordsman
4. Forsaken Shores
5. Huntress
6. To Times End We Ride
7. Bring Me Triumph
8. An Olden Tale
9. Home for a Rest (Spirit of the West cover)

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