CATUVOLCUS unveil info of upcoming final EP

CATUVOLCUS - Voyageurs de l'Aube

Canadian epic melodic extreme metallers Catuvolcus have revealed some details of their upcoming EP “Voyageurs de l’Aube“. First of all, according to the band, this will be their last work, since Catuvolcus will split-up after this release! The concept of the EP is about a Veneti warrior that decides to leave his country for a new world, after the Morbihan battle that happened back in 56 BC, where Veneti lost the battle against the Romans. So by seeing his land broken, his village burnt, his future on this land dead, he decides to take the next ship to the land of Tin (which will eventually become Britanny). The band has unveiled the album tracklist and the cover artwork, made once again by Folkingrimm Art.

1. Voyageurs des Brumes – part I
2. Voyageurs des Brumes – part II                         
3. Ad Hoc
4. Thrill of the Struggle (Woods of Ypres cover)

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