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German atmospheric pagan black metallers Frigoris have announced the release of their second full-length album “Wind“. It will be co-released between Misanthropic Art Productions on May 2013 and Hypnotic Dirge Records on June 7th, 2013. Although founded as a pagan black metal band, Frigoris steadily developed further since its foundation around head Dominik Winter in 2007 and stands for atmospheric, melodic black metal at the highest level today. The new record “Wind” is the current peak of this development. The over fifty minute piece is filled with a surpassing emotional intensity that creates a bond between pure aggression and deep melancholy. The beautiful cover design is by Valentin Lieder (Memento Mori Art).

1. Windgeflüster
2. Zwischenwelten                            
3. Im Keim Ertrunken
4. Frühlingsnacht
5. Hauch
6. …und Asche Rinnt durch Meine Hände
7. Ode an Verlorene Seelen
8. Wenn die Maske Bricht

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