TROLLGASM – The Northern Winds (EP)

TROLLGASM - The Northern Winds

Origin: Australia
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Trollgasm is an Australian folk black metal band from Dubbo. They were founded in 2008 by Tim (vocals, guitars, mandolin) as a solo project and released the demo “Ragnarok” in 2009. After that, the project was put one ice, but one year later it was resurrected as a full band and the second demo “Heineken” was out in 2010. Finally, in the end of April 2013, Trollgasm self-released their debut EP “The Northern Winds“, including both old re-recorded songs and new compositions.

Even if it contains totally 9 songs, “The Northern Winds” lasts for only 25 minutes. Maybe the band’s name prepares you for some kind of beer folk humorous metal, but looks can be deceiving. Trollgasm have a more epic Viking approach and their music is closer to epic folk black death metal. Their production is good and they have a great sound, especially for a debut album. Their guitars have mostly a rhythmic role, with epic riffs, moving from mid to fast tempo, while you will even listen to some solos. Melodic synths help them create an epic background in their sound, but it’s the use of various folk instruments, like mandolin, melodica, violins and jews harp that totally define the mood of their songs. Violins, played by Grace, is the most dominant of these traditional instruments, carrying out the majority of their beautiful folk melodies. In my opinion though, they need a better balance in their marriage with the distorted guitars. Tim’s vocals are the typical epic blackish death growls, while the band uses some clean vocals too, mainly in epic background choruses. On the closing track “The Northern Winds” there are guest female vocals by Katy Mills and on “Humppa Humppa” guest vocals by Brendon Capriotti (Claim the Throne). Their lyrics deal with Scandinavian mythology and epic battles, while there also a few more humorous “happier” folk songs.

Trollgasm is a nice addition in the folk metal scene. Maybe it’s something you have listened to before, but they are very good at what they do. My opinion is that they should try to focus on an even more personal and distinctive sound, since the competition in this genre is huge. As a debut EP though, “The Northern Winds” is very promising, with nice sound and production and really enjoyable songs. Except for digital release, it also comes in standard jewel case edition CD, with 2-page booklet, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. You can visit their official profiles to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

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