LOCUS NEMINIS – Weltenwanderung

LOCUS NEMINIS - Weltanwanderung

Origin: Austria
Genre: Melodic Death Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Locus Neminis is a new Austrian extreme metal band from Traun and their name translates from Latin to “No Man’s Land”. They were formed in 2008 and after the completion of their line-up they released the 5 song demo “Endlos” in 2010. Soon they started working for their first official release and finally in 2012 their debut full-length album “Weltenwanderung” was complete and self-released.

The band started as a symphonic black metal act and its roots remain in the genre, but what you listen in “Weltenwanderung” is much more than the typical symphonic black metal. Before trying to describe their music, I’d like to comment on their sound and production, which are both excellent for a debut self-released album, something that this genre definitely demands. Locus Neminis use heavy tuned guitars and their black metal riffs are infused by many death metal and industrial elements, resulting in a new interesting and very solid sound! A wide canvas of keyboards, ranging from majestic symphonic style, to dark atmospheric piano parts, ambient passages and electronic music influences, together with some bizarre guitar solos and few acoustic guitars, help them to create a unique dark atmosphere. Their drums sometimes sound natural and other times become ultra fast “synthetic”, but they are always in harmony with their music. Their vocals is a mixture of black metal screams and death metal growls, just perfect for their compositions. There are many changes in the rhythm of the songs, moving from mid to fast tempo, with several faster outbreaks and slower calmer parts… “Weltenwanderung” has 9 songs and lasts for 66 minutes, thanks to the closing 24-minutes track “Die Begegnung“, with its long ambient and partly silent passage. All lyrics are in their native language, dealing with post catastrophic dark fantasy themes and you can find them in the CD booklet.

In my opinion ”Weltenwanderung” is an album than fans of symphonic extreme experimental metal better check. Locus Neminis have a quality production and their proposition is very interesting, while their composing and playing skills seem more than decent. I am sure if they continue this way and if they use a more strict “filtering” in their songs, they can make something impressive. They self-released the album in a digipak edition, with an 8-page booklet illustrated by Johannes (artwork hand painted on canvas) and Antimaterie (layout). You can visit their official pages bellow for sound samples and details on how to purchase their CD.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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